Interview with the Head Boy and Head Girl

Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl - 2016/2017
Find out all about our Head Boy and Head Girl in their interview below.
Head Boy: Harvey                                                                       Head Girl: Pipa
Age: 10 years old                                                                        Age: 10 years old 
Favourite Sport: Boxing                                                             Interesting Fact: Loves Art
1.  What is the best thing about attending Holy Cross Catholic Primary?
Harvey:  I really enjoy my Maths and Science lessons because they're really practical and you get to make lots of different things.  We even get to do experiments which is really cool.
Pipa:  I really like the teachers here because they are friendly and always help us when we need it.  I also love my lessons.
2.  What are your favourite subjects and why?
Pipa: History is my favourite subject.  I love learning about the past.  I'm really enjoying learning about the Slave Trade at the moment.
Harvey:  PE is the best lesson, as I enjoy being sporty and getting lots of exercise.
3.  What are your roles and responsibilities as Head Boy and Head Girl?
Harvey:  We will have to be good role models for the rest of the children in the school.  We will have to show kindness, respect and help anyone who might need it.
Pipa:  We will have to show guests and visitors how lovely our school is, and show them around the school.
4.  What does it feel like to have been chosen?
Harvey:  It's really exciting.  I never imagined that I would be chosen to be Head Boy.
Pipa:   I am really happy and shocked because I've been given a special opportunity.