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This weeks picture is called, ‘Waiting’. Use it to inspire your writing.

Question time!

What is the creature in the lagoon?

What is a lagoon?

What is the creature waiting for?

In what way is the surface of the lagoon like a window?

What other creatures might there be in the lagoon?

What makes this animal dangerous, do you think?

How do you feel about hippos? How do you think hippos feel about humans?


Sentence challenge!

Can you use relative clauses to add extra information to a sentence using who, which, where, when, whose or that?

E.g. The creature, whose vast bulk was hidden beneath the water, glided gracefully towards the bank.

The water, , was perfectly still.

The hippo, , was waiting for something.


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

The hippo went in the water. It was really big. It had skin and teeth.


Story starter!

In the early hours of the morning, when then sun was barely peeking its head over the trees that surrounded the lagoon, he lay there. Waiting.

The vast creature slid through the water like a partially submerged submarine, the majority of its bulk hidden beneath the green-tinged water.

It was a calm morning, and so the shiny surface of the lagoon reflected its surroundings like a window; a window that showed the true beauty of nature for those who looked into it. However, despite its beauty and serenity, the atmosphere in this place could suddenly change. Power, panic and noise could put an end to the peace. The vast creature waited… He had seen something…


Perfect picture!

Imagine you can see all of the animal. Can you draw what it would look like out of the water?

Can you also draw what the hippo has seen?