Interview with the Head Boy and Head Girl

Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl - 2017/2018
Find out all about our Head Boy and Head Girl in their interview below.
Head Boy                                                                                   Head Girl
Age: 10 years old                                                                       Age: 10 years old 
Interesting Fact: I used to play for Tranmere.                         Interesting Fact: Wants to be an                                                                                                                                            actress
1.  What is the best thing about attending Holy Cross Catholic Primary?
HB:  Everyone in our school is really nice.  You get lots of help and people care about you.
HG:  I love spending time with all of my friends and the teachers.  They're all amazing here at school.
2.  What are your favourite subjects and why?
HG: English is my favourite subject, because when you write a story, you can be transported to another world.
HB:  PE is the best lesson, as I enjoy doing lots of practical activities.  Football is the best part of our PE lessons.
3.  What are your roles and responsibilities as Head Boy and Head Girl?
HB:  We have real responsibilities like showing guests and visitors on a tour of our school.  We also get to show them examples of our work and all the great equipment we have.
HG: We have to be excellent role models, showing kindness, generosity and respect to everyone who enters our building.
4.  What does it feel like to have been chosen?
HB:  I was really surprised as I thought someone else would be chosen.  I'm really looking forward to doing it though.
HG:   I am really proud, excited and surprised to be chosen.