Design Technology

The school uses a variety of teaching and learning styles in design and technology lessons. The principal aim is to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in design and technology. Teachers ensure that the children apply their knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning and making products, and then evaluating them. They promote an iterative process, allowing children to learn from mistakes and improve upon prototypes. We do this through a mixture of whole-class teaching and individual or group activities. Within lessons, we give children the opportunity both to work on their own and to collaborate with others, listening to other children’s ideas and treating these with respect. Children critically evaluate existing products, their own work and that of others. They have the opportunity to use a wide range of materials and resources, including ICT.
Solving the tomato challenge.
How to move delicate tomatoes, from the top of a mountain to the bottom, without squashing any.
Anglo Saxon Cooking
Was an Anglo Saxon diet healthy?
What did Anglo Saxon food taste like? 
Year 5 found out during their Anglo Saxon day.
Banquet Menu
Smoked Mackerel
Honey and apple oatcakes