End of Key Stage One Examinations

Year 2 (end of KS1) national Standard Attainment Tests (SATs)

At the end of Year 2, we have to report children's academic performance for the end of Key Stage One in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • mathematics
  • science
  • grammar, punctuation and spelling.

These are often referred to as Year 2 SATs (Standard Attainment Tests).

We do this through a combination of two factors.  They are:

  1. Teacher’s assessment of your child's work in class
  2. Your child's performance in their examinations.

The examinations take place in May.  They are spaced out over a month, so your child is not negatively affected.

These are national assessment results and form part of your child's academic records.  The results are also used to set end of primary school targets and aspirations.

Results are sent to you with your child's annual progress report in July.