Foundation Stage 1


Hello Foundation Stage One,
We are missing you all very much.  I hope you are enjoying the home learning packs that are being delivered to you.
Here is a link that takes you to an online learning platform, where you can play lots of exciting games, such as rhyming and shape games.    
Stay safe and take care everyone.




Here are some fun tasks to keep you busy during the school closure

Task 1

Can you find 5 blue objects in your house? They can be different objects or the same but you have to ensure there is exactly 5 and that they are all blue. You can check by counting. Challenge: repeat but looking for 10 red objects.


Task 2 

Your task today is to draw or paint a picture of a Rainbow to display in your window.  


Task 3

Your learning Challenge is a physical task: Can you choose a yoga video to complete from Cosmic Kids? search Cosmic Kids Yoga.  There are lots to choose from including Spiderman, Frozen and Trolls. 


Task 4

Can you help your grown up make some breakfast/lunch/Dinner?

Task 5 

Can you make your very own tent/den and read your favourite story inside? You can make it out of lots of household items such as bedsheets etc.  

Task 6

Go on a sound walk around your house and in your garden if you can with your grown up. Talk about all of the different sounds you can hear. 


Task 8

Can your adult cut out some shapes and make a shape picture with you?


Task 9

Today's task is to sing your favourite nursery rhymes banging on a drum to the rhythm of the beat. Your drum could be a pot or a pan! Challenge: When your grown up raises their hand remember to stop! You can swap roles with your grown up.