How is Holy Cross accessible to children with SEND?

It is vitally important to us that all of our children have access to every activity within school.  In order to ensure this, we have key elements that allow this to happen.

  • The building is fairly new and has been designed so that it is all at ground level.  Physical disability ramps and pathways have been included in the building’s design so that it is accessible for all children, parents and carers.
  • We ensure that equipment used is accessible to all children regardless of their needs.
  • A medical cabinet is kept on site to store medication which children may require.
  • Mrs Higgins and other members of the Senior Leadership Team give children their medication if they need to take it during the school day.
  • A number of staff have been trained to test glucose levels and give insulin injections, to children who are diabetic in school.
  • Breakfast Club and after school provision is accessible to all children including those with SEND.
  • Extra curricular activities are accessible for children with SEND.