The Fun Food Chef

13th January 2016

Fun Food Chef, Pat Oakes has been delivering Indian inspired master classes to both children and parents this week.  He has been educating pupils (aged 3 to 11) and their parents/carers, on all things Indian; allowing them to cook and taste a wide variety of fresh Indian cuisine.

Together, families took part in a range of fun filled activities, whilst developing their cookery skills, learning about balanced diets, and gaining knowledge into the importance of food hygiene.  Everyone got to make lentil Dhal, Naan bread, Tandoori chicken, lamb Shish Kebabs and a banana and mint Lassi . The food was absolutely delicious and made completely from fresh and local produce.

The Fun Food Chef visits Holy Cross annually, and both staff and children alike find it fantastic experience.  This was the first time we have offered a family session, and the uptake was huge.  It was wonderful to see our families cooking, laughing and learning from each other.  This is something we want to do again in the future.

Thank you to all our families who took part.