Year 3

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Dear Year Three,


I hope you are enjoying the home learning packs we are delivering to you. Below are some online lessons that you can also access.

Stay safe everyone.

Online lessons at home- Maths


This link will direct you to a series on online lessons.


The lessons come in weekly blocks of five  and are designed to help your child with essential maths skills. Most lessons are about 15 - 20 minutes long and build up knowledge step by step, so we suggest that you follow the lessons in order, starting with week one.




Should you need it, this link will direct you to the parental help page.


You may need to sign up to the NCETM site to login. (NCETM is a official government endorsed site)


Math Doodle Clipart

Home Learning


Hello Year Three,

I hope you are all doing well. Well done to those who have powered through the packs we have sent home for you, I know who you are!! For those who have found themselves finished, or for those who would like something different to have a go at, I am adding extra tasks on this page for you to have a look at. 

Edit: I have added some new tasks for you to complete.

Edit: This website is very useful if you complete the tasks I have set. You will find lots of tasks for all subjects on here, with full lessons included.

Take care everyone,

Mr Priestley



It has been a little while since we have looked at our spellings. Please look here as I will change the spelling words each week so you can keep practicing! 

You could also have a go at the game we play in class to practice your spellings, there are sets of words for all sorts of spelling rules! (Parents, if you would like to help your child with this, please go through Year 3 spelling words where appropriate, the children know how to play the games themselves.) 


w.b 27.04.2020 – Suffix -ly words












w.b 20.04.2020 – Recap words from Spring term











w/b 06/04.2020 - Words using the 'ure' suffix













Writing task

Last half term, we were just getting to our writing. We were planning a write up of our return story. Jemmy went to the big city to see what it was like, then returned home. Have a go at the following:


1. 06/04/2020 - To practice your writing skills, have a go at writing about Jemmy's adventures in the city, and how he returns home. This picture below can help you. 
2. 20/04/2020 - Design a character that Jemmy could meet during his adventures, write about what kind of person they are (what do they like? What are they scared of? What do they think of Jemmy?
3. 27/04/2020 – Write a diary entry about what Jemmy thought about his trip to the city. (Dear Diary, Today I had the most magnificent adventure in the enormous city over the Ocean…)

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Editing task


1. 06/04/2020 - You all know that I make lots of silly mistakes when I write! How many times have we had to fix my writing in the classroom? I will be a good writer by the end of year 3 if you all keep helping me! I have tried to write my Jemmy return story below, but I don't think I've checked it very well, can you help me?

When Jemmy got to the big city, he couldn't believe his eyes! He saw big stone bildingz that were really big. the first thing Jemmy did when he got to the city was explore. He saw lots of cars driving on the road, and lots of people walking around. Jemmy felt scared. He had never seen this many people before. Along the way, jemmy saw a small shop. He went insyde it, and bought himself a brand new suit. Wow, it's so fancy! Said Jemmy. After he bought his new suit, he wanted to go and see if he could make a friend.


2. 20/04/2020 – Use this website to find more interesting words. I want you to improve this short piece to make it more interesting to the reader. Make sure you read it through to ensure it still makes sense: I was walking to the shops. I saw green trees around me, and big houses. I bought an ice-cream, it was nice.
3. 27/04/2020 – Improve an expanded noun phrase to make it more interesting. Use mine to help you. EXAMPLE:


Boring phrase: The dog with a ball

My phrase: The big brown dog with a bright red ball was sitting under a table.


Now you have a go with these:


Boring phrase: The boy with a football.

Boring phrase: The giant with an apple.

Boring phrase: The girl had a cat.



Done that?

I will continue to update this site with more English tasks. For now, continue to explore Purple Mash (your logins were sent home with you). 




1. 06/04/2020 - Before we broke up, we were looking at Money. We were learning how to add pounds and pence together using different coins. This website has some activities for you to have a go at. I encourage you to find any coins you can to help you with this. Don't worry if you get stuck, take it one step at a time. Remember to be resilient!
2. 20/04/2020 – We are going to be moving on to looking at Fractions. This is a good game to warm up your skills. You will have looked at this in Year 2, see how well you can do!

Below there are a couple of websites that have brilliant Maths resources to use, and don't forget you have access to TTRockstars as well!

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Welcome to Year 3
I am Mr Priestley and I will be teaching Year 3 this year with Miss Mayes and Diane, whilst Miss Ormond is on maternity leave. We have some exciting things planned for this half term, so please watch this area for updates!
This half term
During this half term, Year 3 will be looking at lots of exciting things to immerse themselves into Key Stage 2. 
In English this half term, we will be looking at Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. This is a story of a boy who gets lost while he takes a dangerous journey through a forest. We will be looking at writing our own story about being lost too.
In Maths this half term, we are focusing on multiplication and division, with knowledge of our 3, 4 and 8 times tables coming into play.
In Science, we are looking at the life cycle of plants. We are investigating the different parts of the plant, and how they work to keep the plant alive and how the plant reproduces. 
In R.E.we will be looking at the Sacrement of Reconcilliation. This is how we reconcile with those we have wronged or those who have wronged us. This teaches us how to forgive others.
Our Topic for this Half Term is Ancient Egypt. Our big question is 'Why do the Egyptians have Mummies?', so we will be investigating this over the half term by immersing ourselves in the Ancient Egyptian way of life. 
In P.E. we will are looking at gymnastics by creating different poses and stances.
Important Information
Our P.E. day is Friday so P.E. kits must be in by then please!
I set Homework every Monday and ask for it to be in by Friday at the latest!
Myself and Miss Mayes set spellings for the children to learn. The spellings I set I test on Friday morning. Miss Mayes' spellings are continuously tested throughout the week to ensure good consistent spellings of common exception words.
The children will be taking reading books home to read each night, it is important for the children to have the opportunity to develop their reading fluency as well as gaining a love for the different stories they immerse into.
Some pictures from our recent Stone Age day!