Year 6

  • Mr Healy

    Year 6 teacher

    Hello, My name is Mr. Healy and I come from the Republic of Ireland. I has been teaching in Liverpool for the last few years and have taught abroad for two years in the Middle East. This is my first year in Holy Cross Catholic Primary School and I am enjoying it tremendously. I am currently the Year 6 teacher and look forward to....SATS. I am a firm believer that every student should have a voice and have every opportunity to succeed and progress. I look forward to the on coming year.

English- Year 6 have been reading 'The Viewer' by Shaun Tan. The children have discovered that this is an eerie, dark little story, which looks back at history through fantastic illustrations. The children have loved the not-so-happy ending and we have tried to explore what has happened to our protagonist.
P.E- In Year 6, we have been practicing our tennis skills. We have been learning about the various movements and techniques. When a tennis beginner starts learning to play tennis, they first need to learn basic forehand and backhand techniques as these will allow them to play, enjoy the game and come back for more. So far the students are enjoying this exciting  and competitive game.

Religious Education- Year 6 have learned that Jesus wants everyone to be apart of his kingdom and the values one most hold. They have created leaflets to encourage people to join God's kingdom and have shown enthusiasm towards the attitudes that Jesus wants us to follow. Furthermore, they have read many of Jesus' parables and have reflected on them. This group of students particularly liked the 'Parable of the Sheep'. So far, Year 6 are demonstrating great enthusiasm towards R.E.