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Phonics is taught from Foundation 1 through to Year 2 in daily 15 – 30 minute lessons following ‘Read, Write INC’. Phonic teaching continues through Key Stage 2 and intervention is given to those children who need support.

At Holy Cross Catholic Primary we are committed to teaching all children to read well by ensuring that every teacher is a reading champion. We believe our key to success can be attributed to the following:

  • clarity and constant purpose
  • teachers have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the processes that help children learn to read
  • as a school we have a rigorous program of systematic phonics work as the prime approach to decoding print
  • consistent teaching of the highest quality, together with effective assessment of children’s progress and help for those who encounter difficulty in reading

Through our reading scheme, we aim to encourage children to approach all books with enthusiasm and interest. Books in Foundation Stage and KS1 follow the ‘Read, Write INC’ reading scheme which ensures they are decodable and in-line with ‘Read, Write, INC’ teaching. Books in our reading scheme have been carefully chosen to cover a wide range of genre including non-fiction.  The interest of boys, girls and equal opportunities have been considered.  Our books are continually updated to reflect the needs of our children. They also have access to books that they can share at home with parents in order to promote ‘reading for pleasure’.