Our Responsibility

All settings providing education to children will:

  • Work in partnership with outside agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children in line with Working Together to Safeguard Children (2015).
  •  Ensure that safer recruitment practices and safeguarding policies and procedures set out a culture of vigilance and challenge
  •  Provide induction and regular Safeguarding training to enable all adults to recognise signs of abuse and neglect; act in the interests of the child and maintain an awareness of issues that could affect our children.
  •  Work collaboratively with other agencies to promote early support for our children and their families, before their needs escalate to a point where intervention would be needed.
  •  Challenge ourselves and others to ensure actions are completed in a timely way and press for reconsideration if the situation does not improve.
  •  Quality assure all safeguarding practices including maintaining support and oversight of the Designated Safeguarding Officers, their actions and decisions and record keeping.
  •  Ensure all adults working with our children follow our safeguarding policy, and that they understand that safeguarding is ‘everyone’s responsibility’.
  •  Complete any actions arising from the Local Authority’s 175 Safeguarding Audit in order to ensure policies and procedures follow LSCB, Local Authority and statutory guidance.
  •  Provide pupils with a curriculum which promotes their safeguarding and enables them to maintain healthy relationships.