Year 4

  • Mrs Wilson

    It is a great pleasure to be working with Year 4 this year as I had this class in Year 3 and I am looking forward to helping them develop their learning.
    I am the lead teacher for Computing, PE, and Languages (French).
    In my spare time, I enjoy hillwalking and photography.

Summer Term
Our English will be based on a lovely book called'Leaf' about a polar bear who drifts away from home. We will be working towards creating our own outsider narrative and then writing information reports about polar bears. We used iPads to create stop-motion animations based on 'Leaf' - you can see some of them below. Do you think we have the next Walt Disney in our class?
In maths we will continue to work using decimal notation and link this to solving problems around money and measure. Children will also practice times tables up to x12 regularly.
In Geography we will be learning about Italy and some of the famous places you could visit there. We will also be learning more about ancient Rome and life in Britain under the Roman Empire as part of our History curriculum.
RE - The Early Christians; The Church
Spring term
English - We will be looking at an exciting new story, but I can't tell you the title ... yet! During this term, we will be exploring story settings and how authors create an atmosphere. We will also be working on writing some more newspaper reports linked to our book. 
We will continue to work on multiplication and division. By now, all children are expected to know all tables up to 12x. We will also look at how to calculate the area of rectangles. After half-term, we will move on to fractions and decimals.
In Science, we will be learning about sound. 
History - we are continuing to learn about the Roman Empire, and Roman Britain. We will also link some of our French lessons to learning about the Romans. 
RE - 'Jesus the teacher', and 'Jesus the Saviour'
Computing - Video and Podcasting - linked to PSHE, taking care of our bodies. You can watch some of our exercise videos below.